Free-Dumb 101 !!

Since we are new in that freedom business, now seems like the perfect time to formulate some “Freedom for Dummies tips”, Definition: Live and Let Live Golden Rule: Ur freedom stops where other’s Start. Corners of freedom: Obligations then Rights Obligations : What you owe the society Rights : What the society owes u Society Benefits … Continue reading

Transportation and the survival of the fittest culture

You leave home, your comfort zone, every morning armed with all types of swearing words and sounds you have ever learned and all sorts of sign language ready for a daily battle of life and death, get in your car, leave your humanity behind, fasten your seat belt, drive through the infamous “Egyptian Streets” where you … Continue reading

Milking cows

  An elderly once asked me, what are you expecting from those who built the pyramids by whip and dug the canal by stick ?! furiously I stood up defending my identity of being a free man, then I paused! a series of flash backs came rushing into my head, and sadly I realized that he had great … Continue reading


Someone searching for a channel for his voice to reach out, a channel reflecting his opinion in life with all its aspects. Someone who loves to venture into deep thought searching for answers to everything! Someone who is not a man of god nor a he is a man of sin, and yet finds his salvation in principles. Someone who day … Continue reading


  I won’t be exaggerating if I describe my Taboula Garden City experience, as a Magic mushroom trip as described in Alice in wonderland. A sensational menu of oriental food that moves all your senses coupled with a restaurant theme that acts as a complementary ingredient to the experience. Ok ok I’ll go directly to the core, … Continue reading