Someone searching for a channel for his voice to reach out, a channel reflecting his opinion in life with all its aspects.

Someone who loves to venture into deep thought searching for answers to everything!

Someone who is not a man of god nor a he is a man of sin, and yet finds his salvation in principles.

Someone who day dreams of being a management Guru and an adventurous backpacker, interchangeably that is!

An animal who worships his freedom,

An introvert who is constantly trying to prove to his-self that he wants everyone and needs no one

A simple man who believes that there is nothing a cup of coffee can’t fix. Well a good cup of coffee!

A student who has a thirst for exposure and values, respects, and admires Education.

A food critique who has a strong passion for food and an admirer of a good piece of music with a view

A man who respects your opinion in considering my opinions as amateur ones! And promises u to do his best to enrich the basis on which his opinions are based,

I’m an individual whose purpose in life is to be remembered as a free spirit and a free thinker,,,,

6 Responses to “I AM…”
  1. Rima Naamani says:

    You couldnt have described yourself better, perfect!

  2. Lina Badawy says:

    I knew a couple of those qualities in u, but i must say it is interesting to be able to read ur mind like that 😀
    very well written 😉

  3. Very well said Man, i really Like.

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