I won’t be exaggerating if I describe my Taboula Garden City experience, as a Magic mushroom trip as described in Alice in wonderland.

A sensational menu of oriental food that moves all your senses coupled with a restaurant theme that acts as a complementary ingredient to the experience.

Ok ok I’ll go directly to the core,

As appetizers i would recommend the Spicy Sausages (Sogo2), taboula, hommos awerma, fatoush and the vine leaves + yogurt can never go wrong. (3-5 per)

As a Main dish if you’re into spicy food the spicy Sheesh Tawooq with mushrooms and fries is the thing for you, well if not the boneless chicken or the mix grill (an oriental food standard) would do.

I would recommend ending your meal with some mint tea listening to vintage Arabic music  

Portions will be above your expectations, don’t waste your stomach capacity on bread nor Pre-meal drinks

With its food quality portions and a very good restaurant theme yes Taboula  is definitely one of the best oriental food destinations in Cairo

8 Responses to “Taboula”
  1. Maie Yazgi says:

    “Magic mushroom trip” Well said.

    • Youssef says:

      well.. i’ll have to claim the right to take credit for that one! =P
      Since “Alice in Wonderland” is mostly associated with hallucinative drugs….destroying karim’s innocent perception of the subliminal yet controversial message behind this animation movie is something i remain to be proud of.
      After a slight shock, it sunk in so fast that he concluded: “well than BAMBI must’ve been a hooker!”. =S

      • elzughby says:

        hahahaahaa that was one of the monumental moments of my life, it actually altered my perception of other famous cartoon characters (haven’t shared with u yet), e.g the whole Donald Duch family, mickey and minnie and others…

  2. Youssef says:

    sounds very tempting.. tool 3omrak sa7eb mazag! Actually I would prefer a more descripitve reflection of the mood.. but i guess u’ve left that for us to discover! hakhally sa7bety te3zemny henak :p

  3. Lina Badawy says:

    I wonder what u would have written if it was sea food instead 😀 i’m craving taboula right now !! haha

  4. 2edaaaaaaah ,ana 3ayzz mn daaaaaaaah, Nice picturing KIMOOOO, you delivered it well.

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