Milking cows

  An elderly once asked me, what are you expecting from those who built the pyramids by whip and dug the canal by stick ?! furiously I stood up defending my identity of being a free man, then I paused! a series of flash backs came rushing into my head, and sadly I realized that he had great sense in what he was saying !

With a victorious smile on his face coupled with a look of comprehension of my state of denial, he continued, why go back in time, just look at our revenue sheet today, tourism, Suez canal revenues, and god given oil resources, taxes and declining residuals of exporting your-not so famous now -agriculture crops.

I started thinking, Yes we had the same cash cows for decades; what the Pharos built from monuments and an agricultural culture, the remains of educational, industrial and agriculture systems emplaced by decades of monarchy and finaly God given natural resources.

No it’s not enough! You should be expecting  more from the people of a country of three economical, social and political altering revolutions , over three wars, all in one century, All in fight for their freedom and social well being !! much much more than just MILKING COWS!!

Then it hit me, If Egyptians are very well known to vanquish their conquerors and that is where I have inherited my identity as a free man, they are also very well known for their failure to rebuild!

We know how to earn our freedom however we have failed to live free!

The Egyptian Jungle

Due to the long period of incompetent leadership, wrong economical decisions and corruption we faced post the 1952 revolution; economical, social and political problems which started off as minor issues evolved now into serious spider web like epidemic problems.

The following posts are my Amateur opinions on some of the these issues, most of which you could hear in homes, work places, local cafés (3al 2hwa) from average normal people, strangely as it is, It might Just Work!!

6 Responses to “Milking cows”
  1. Youssef says:

    Survival of the FATTEST

  2. Lina Badawy says:

    All I’m gonna say here is this: if the pharaohs did it once, we most certainly can do it again !
    What do u expect from a nation that has been robbed and corrupt for years? If we all have this negative attitude, we will never be able to rebuild this country. Now is the time for all the issues u mentioned to be fixed, but we have to keep in mind that it will take time.
    Never lose faith ya karim, no matter how dark it may seem right now 🙂

  3. I like,
    I think it is only a bottleneck, i hope we can pass , and we will ISA

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