Transportation and the survival of the fittest culture

You leave home, your comfort zone, every morning armed with all types of swearing words and sounds you have ever learned and all sorts of sign language ready for a daily battle of life and death, get in your car, leave your humanity behind, fasten your seat belt, drive through the infamous “Egyptian Streets” where you stay alert for every ditch, hole, street bump, micro buss, Tok-Tok, sudden moves of other drivers, and every other surprise the government might have stored for you, from sudden undeclared maintenance works in critical roads, a highly ranked official passing by, etc, putting on your radar for any parking spot you can find within a mile radius from your destination.

I won’t even tackle mass transportation that inhuman scene we watch every day on Cairo streets because it’s just SAD!!

Transportation in Egypt, where the rule is “there are no rules!!” from individual and mass to products, the chaos that exists on Egyptian streets from lack of control, traffic jams, pollution, harassment, etc.

However what I feel is a major disaster is how Egyptian traffic affected the Egyptian culture by introducing and nourishing the Survival to the fittest culture, or in other words the survival of the rudest, the survival of the @#$%#.

How many of us can lead two lives, leaving his street personality on the door steps of his work, school, university, club etc. everyday and get in, a polite calm individual ready to contribute, learn and produce through proper organized channels! Well I can’t whether you like it or not it dominates by time.

Well to cut it short, transportation has become a serious epidemic problem that needs to be tackled quickly, for it not to reach the point of no return!!

10 Responses to “Transportation and the survival of the fittest culture”
  1. Meligy Man says:

    well said dude, it does personally affect my attitude to a degree and gets me on the other hand sympathize with ladies who lack defense equipments

  2. liliansaaed says:

    Transportation in Egypt, where the rule is “ fill in the space”
    good one kiki 😉

  3. Maie Kamel Yazgi says:

    Refering to “transportation has become a serious epidemic problem that needs to be tackled quickly, for it not to reach the point of no return!!” its pretty late…have you heard about the two Japanese engineers who were hired as consultants by the Egyptian government to analyze the traffic system in Cairo and to propose methods to improve it????
    I’m sorry 2 disappoint you bas their recommendations & studies said that:

    check the article out baring in mind en dah kan f MARCH 1998 mesh f 2011

    & guess wut! their research mentioned that en law fy order aslan w el nas mashya fel lanes bta3etha w kolo mo7taram hatkon moshkela akbar 3shan el share3 mesh hayet7arak aslan!!
    El wa7ed ‘7alas tele3 3an she3oro w el nas ba2et hayla aktar w aktar w maba2ash 3andaha ay sense of ay 7aga.
    la2 la2 da ay meshwar enta btebzel fyh maghood zehny w badany raheeyb to the extent enak btewsal w enta btenhag!!!
    How r we expected to develop fy ay 7aga mn aslo??
    THE MOST APPROPRIATE SOLUTION IS FOR PPL TO FLY & LEAVE THIS COUNTRY… yes im sorry but its just unbearable unless ur buying a helicopter!

    check this out, might be of ur interest!

    • elzughby says:

      Ok i have to agree and dissagree, yes we have reached a point where there is no one single solution for cairo trafic problem due the diversification of the problem (causes and effects) however i do believe that a program attacking this would deff solve most of the prob

      ستاى تيوند فور ماى نكست بوست ,,,

      Baraby zebooon we kda :D:D

      • Maie Kamel Yazgi says:

        Ah well i don’t rly mind reading ur next post live from some European country on Earth!!!
        U don’t get it, do u??
        ZUGHBY HAY7ELAHA F 2011?? :p

        Sorry 4 disappointing u again 😀

        HAVE A GOOD DAY.


  4. elzughby says:

    hahahahahah,, brdo msh Hahager :D:D,
    we plz Jap Vs Zughby? really!! akeed mafeesh monafsaa, El Jap masherboosh men nelha, mgaraboosh yghanolha, wala meshyo fe shaware3ha ysebolha 😀
    EL m7aly yksab, EL masry Om El Agnaby :D:D


  5. Rima Naamani says:

    well said kikiiiiiiii! really like! i do agree with yazgi though, i really feel like its too late.. people took the opportunity of having absolutely no rules (yes somehow there were rules) to do whatever the *$&’ they want. Ya3ni eh 3ashan 2ala2y el da2ery za7ma aroo7 lafa wi nazla min el matla3! Ya3ni eh el dinya fadya tamaman yet because someone doesnt wanna invest 2 extra minutes yiroo7 mashy 3aksy. El banee2adam mo7taram li nafso so if they dont yilbiso el 7izam now 3ashan “khalas ba2a inta labes el 7ezam li meen” yib2a begad mafeesh feehom 2amal!
    I am by nature a very positive and optimistic person, however when it comes to that my optimisim level is veryyyy limited!

    Despite all that, love your post kiki and love the whole website.

    • elzughby says:

      Mannyy,. I do believe that to change a culture u need to change behavior to do that SET RULES set enforce strict Rules ! I think that the Baka2 lel akwa culture and rules defiance are symptoms not the actual problems, think of it if I intrude on your comfort zone u will act differently (more aggressively), and if I do it continuously it will definitely alter your behavior and IF WE ALL DO IT, then it BECOMES A CULTURE !!
      we have the resources and need not re-invent the wheel, most of the world’s capitals had that issue, i don’t think that cairo is (YET) a more famous destination than Paris, London, Rome, NY etc, however they dealt with it quickly through scientific effective solutions, we have those solutions ready we will just pick from them. we just need Qualified people to think and competent committed to act !
      ThNX Ma Foood buddyyyy for the cheer and the supporttt :D:D

  6. Begad chapeau ya Kimoo, I totally agree with Manny en el Bane2adam lazem ykonn mo7taram le nafsooo, 7atta laww that doesn’t change a thing in our streets, this “sacrifice” will sure hat7aseeen 7agat treeer fenna lessa fehha 2amaal, Really really Like the way you expose it (the ‘two lives’ thing).

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