Free-Dumb 101 !!

Since we are new in that freedom business, now seems like the perfect time to formulate some “Freedom for Dummies tips”,

Definition: Live and Let Live

Golden Rule: Ur freedom stops where other’s Start.

Corners of freedom: Obligations then Rights

Obligations : What you owe the society

Rights : What the society owes u

Society Benefits :

Freedom is a  solid foundation for development since it turns the society into a meeting table where everyone has an executive chair,

And is fertile soil for creativity, since there are no constrains on thoughts, ideas, initiatives, information access etc, and since ideas meet and compete where the successful ones only prevails and the only determinant for the nature of a supply is the sophistication of its demand,

Skills to practice freedom:

Learn to Accept others who are different (ideologically, intellectually, religiously, and of race, life style, social differences), Mind your own business, and self confidence always helps.


You will definitely find those who are different from you, your opposite extremes even, they exist whether you like it or not, However the only way for you to earn your freedom is to give them theirs!  And that if you suppress theirs today, a day will come when the table will turn, and you will taste your own medicine.


No its not fictional, attainable YES! reachable off course and exists in more civilized societies.

How to train yourself to practice freedom?

Knowledge and exposure ! travel if you have the finance, read if you don’t, do both if u can and always seize the opportunity to learn about others.

Acknowledge one golden piece of information in life: Different others exist, and exclusion never works  

Acknowledge that there is no one single prescribed route for success, for there is no one path nor system that has the salvation if copied and implemented, think of all the successful countries, different stories, different backgrounds, different paths, Fatal historical errors however Same outcome: success, one common factor Individual Freedom.

Don’t ever believe in those who tell you that they have the cure for you nor the path where you will find your salvation ! Trust only in those who give you the unbiased tools and the environment for you to find your way ! 

And finally don’t take all what has been passed on to you for granted, question their purpose(s), revisit them periodically, develop and modify them, just find your way out of the flock and there you will find your salvation.


A Wanna-Be Free Spirit

10 Responses to “Free-Dumb 101 !!”
  1. Rima Naamani says:

    i really dont know what to say.. you couldnt have expressed this better.. i really wish each and every single person out there can read this and actually ACT upon it! Egypt would be different, the people would be different!
    Very well said kiki!

  2. Meligy Man says:

    perfectly said dude, unfortunately, can’t find what to disagree with! 😀

  3. Maie Kamel Yazgi says:

    I simply love it!
    & hey i think its a matter of acceptance … there are pretty much ppl out there mesh bya3melo ay 7aga ‘3yr yalla ne2aled dah! they’ll never know what freedom is bema 2enohom they just dont like who they are fa they start being fake & start thinking that by doing this homa keda 2arwash & so on…
    i duno if that relates to ur topic bs i believe that if they just accept who they are then that wud be a perfect start for freedom.
    & bq again l Ahmed Meky: “mat7awelsh teb2a 7ad tany” SONG! looooooooool

  4. Rim Fathalla says:

    Really i loved the article,u express exactly how people behavior should be,freedom and liberty has nothing to do with violence or violation of other people rights or beilefs,and all have to understand that,it’s not for dumbies,it’s for all
    Well done and Well said Karim 🙂

  5. Alia El kilany says:

    really im sooooo impressed with ur way in expressing the whole idea…f3an la5ast kol ele be7sal f egypt nw.. i hope en l nas tefham el kalam dh w te3mlo as well…. i like this the most “Different others exist, and exclusion never works”….well said bgd….. u r talented dude and i told u that….. KEEP IT UP MY BEST FRIEND (Y)(Y)

  6. Man . I LOVED it, i totally agree we Manny in ” i really wish each and every single person out there can read this and actually ACT upon it! Egypt would be different, the people would be different!”
    So impressed , god bless u Dude.
    miss u like hell Man

  7. Ahmed Khafagy says:

    I Like !

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