Constitution First “Liberty, Dignity and Social Justice”

I believe that A new constitution prior to the parliament elections is the right/correct/logical path to take, and this is why.. 1) A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed 2) The constitution is what defines the country’s Political, Economical and social identity and a solid foundation is … Continue reading

لم املك الاختيار

  كيف تحاسبني على كوني مختلفا و أنا لم املك هذا الاختيار ،  لم اختر جنسي و لا عرقي، لم اختر وطني و لا مرباي،  لم اختر لغتي او ابواي ..   أما ديني فقد ورثتة عن اجدادي . فاذا كنت املك الاختيار، هل كنت اخترت دربي؟  هل كنت اخترت .. ان اكون  مواطن فى دوله … Continue reading

I’m not arrogant!!..I just Don’t belong

Early in my childhood I figured out that I preferred dogs over people, day one at primary school I was the kid standing in the corner staring at the rest of the class with very conflicting emotions and one dominant thought; I don’t belong! So using my survival instinct I formulated a natural communication barrier … Continue reading

I get bullied daily!!

Whenever wherever you are parking your car in Cairo streets someone pops up claiming a fee, what amazes me the most is that they are so confident in claiming that fee as if (as we say in Egypt) they have inherited that parking spot and as its been in there families for generations, and it’s … Continue reading

They have Earth, we will have heaven !!

I always had some sensitivity to over painting subjects with Religion, I just freeze when I’m debating an achievement or a failure and someone pops up and refers them to the religious status of their administrators and when I pose my always controversial debate question of is religion a mean or an end, My friends … Continue reading