I get bullied daily!!

Whenever wherever you are parking your car in Cairo streets someone pops up claiming a fee, what amazes me the most is that they are so confident in claiming that fee as if (as we say in Egypt) they have inherited that parking spot and as its been in there families for generations, and it’s their god given right!!And it’s hell on Earth if u refuse to pay!! swearing starts! threats and sometimes it gets physical, however who i fear the most are the quite ones; those who just let you go politely when you refuse to pay, I just spend the whole day afterwards  trying to figure out what creative way would they use to to F*** my car.

Most people assume that the reason behind this phenomenon is the lack of job opportunities, well I have to agree that the initiation of this phenomenon was because of that reason, however I will have to totally disagree that this is the case now.

I do believe that the reason behind this now is that it’s PROFITABLE! A fast cash job, effortless, with no responsibilities, no standard working hours. Who doesn’t dream of a job like that, No employer can definitely compete with that.

And for the sake of a healthy debate, I will have to disagree with people, who propose outlawing this job as a solution of the problem, because

  • I believe that in this way you will force them into unemployment, again  just think of the numbers of people working in that profession, forcing them into un-employment would definitely cause worse living conditions, health, nutrition, higher crime rates etc.
  • And second, you are not providing a substitute for facilitating street parking.

And some would say, let them be! What do they cost you, an owner of a thousand (s) LE car, a price of one liter of gas! For this I have to explain the spider web existence of this problem

  • GDP, Gross domestic product: Om Ramy the local obligatory valley lady, runs a hot parking spot on Kornish, earning slightly over 10000 LE (Simple math 100 cars (4 LE) per car per day 26 days a month), try to estimate how Many Om Rami(s) exist! an industry estimated to be in millions if not billions of Egyptian pounds a year that are not accounted for in Egypt’s GDP.
  • Untraceable Income, since there are no invoices, bank transfers, no head counts etc, you can never trace how much they make and most importantly where does it go!!  basic stuff? Food shelter etc? might be, but do they all do that, other conspiracy theories  stated that most of this cash flow goes directly to finance terrorist attacks and drug smuggling, don’t want to go that far but you can never know where it ends,
  • Un-taxable income, simple equation {value unknown + untraceable = Un-taxable}. Just keep in mind the amount estimates above on a 20 % flat rate.
  • Don’t want to go near the social aspects from promoting survival to the fittest culture , the fast easy cash jobs, promoting bullying, unsafe streets etc.

Ok, now what I want to highlight the known effective way of solving this problem !! we need not re-invent the wheel Parking lots, Government/Private run parking lots!!!


  • Making the mentioned profession less profitable by time, by shifting the demand causing them to find other sources of income however and most importantly giving them sufficient time to adapt, some would move to work in the parking lots, others would seek real jobs!, and for the remaining after you have decreased their numbers enormously they can monitored in an easier way, at that point you can outlaw this profession, and start social awareness of how to resist this.
  • Add to that, opening investment opportunities (Parking lot industry), tracing their incomes etc.

And the core advantage is that


4 Responses to “I get bullied daily!!”
  1. Maie Kamel Yazgi says:

    Its not daily anymore MR.

  2. Tab wee el FAKE invoices Gamdaaaa GEDDDDYYYY, lama bass tefakarr tebosellhom basseet ” ahh yabnn el ***** hatesta2fanny” . tela2y TARAAA , 7etet wasssl m3afeeeen tle3laaak maktooob 3alihhh masalan
    (رسم دخول حديقة الحيوان—- 50 قرش)

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