I’m not arrogant!!..I just Don’t belong

Early in my childhood I figured out that I preferred dogs over people, day one at primary school I was the kid standing in the corner staring at the rest of the class with very conflicting emotions and one dominant thought; I don’t belong!

So using my survival instinct I formulated a natural communication barrier that satisfied my lack of interest in those whom I share the same species with and my very low human communication skills.

By time I had to share some activities with those of my kind, so I had to loosen a bit my communication barrier and I mingled with a couple of them whom I felt had the same qualities of dogs, (loyalty man’s best friend, don’t talk much etc), however unfortunately they didn’t alter my preference of dogs over people and I just considered them as exceptional cases.

My problem started in the period of opposite sex attraction, when the main interest of humans was other humans! where my self imposed communication barrier due to my lack of interest in those of my kind and my low communication skills was translated to a bad human trait called arrogance.

Arrogance (n) : overbearing pride evidenced by a superior manner toward percieved inferiors

Me not knowing what the hell that meant, except that it was a bad trait, and shocked of the accusation, started defending my position, and using my animal instinct, and the human quote of the best way for defense is offense, I posed a false extrovert life style to protect my introvert self

without going into too much details my strategy sucked and was a complete failure, u might refer it to my dominant introvert self, my low communication skills or dominant idea of dogs should rule, u name it.

I had to find a fresh new strategy and quick, the accusation was very irritating for me and I didn’t know why!!, and in my search a wise human – very rare- told me that there is a thin line between arrogance a very bad thing -for humans- and pride/self confidence a very good thing

Pride: A feeling or deep pleasure or satisfaction derived from one’s own achievements, the achievements of those with whom one is closely associated, or from qualities or possessions that are widely admired and The socio-psychological concept of self-confidence relates to self-assuredness in one’s personal judgment, ability, power, or achievements

Then it hit me, if I modify my communication barrier a little bit, it could project that pride/self confident thingy, a win win situation, I ‘ll lose that accusation and I’ll be considered having a good quality and most importantly I’ll get to keep my introvert not interested in humans self.

A very good strategy, Just one thing remaining the reason behind that pride and self confidence!! I had nothing to be proud of nor be self confident about, all I had was my dogs, some toys, some swimming medals made of plastic none of which were significant enough to make me get away with my plan.

So why not couple that with silent or a mysterious character, got it out of James bond movies, they say he has that quality and most people get attracted to that quality, and don’t care about the reason, and he is not so easily accessible, and I’m still young, for sure someday I’ll do an achievement or something, till then a proud, self confident, silent/mysterious character will do the trick.

And it worked,yes some still called me arrogant but others called me proud and self confident but no one ever asked me Why! and I loved my introvert dog loving life style.

However, after college, the silent, mysterious thingy started not to do the trick, people got smarter, they ask too many questions now, and sadly I don’t have yet that sufficient achievement, to maintain the the self confident proud part, which means my communication barrier will lose it’s competitive advantage, and I’ll get to deal with more humans!

So I had to revisit my strategy, and I found out that now the only way to maintain my life style is to achieve something big and quick, as the higher you get in the social pyramid the less accessible you get which means the less people you have to deal with, and a bigger garden which means more DOGS.

So I’ll be busting my ass to achieve big and achieve quick, however till then I’m still Mr. Silent Mysterious to you.

Zughby,,,,,Karim Zughby

6 Responses to “I’m not arrogant!!..I just Don’t belong”
  1. Maha says:

    you’ve Never been Mysterious to Me at all my childhood friend but I agree about Mr.silent 🙂 Btw karim says Hi to u 😀

    I have 2 Karimos in my life :O ….I’m blessed 😛

    Miss U ALOT brother

  2. maie kamel says:

    Dislike!damaha te2eeyl. Made me feel like..fine wont be checking his blog again ‘3yr lama yeb2a ya3ml 7aga mohema if he thinks ppl around r insignificant.

  3. Rim fathalla says:

    everytime i read one of ur articles,i just find it WOW,i have to finish it from A to Z
    Really that’s true,communication skills are something that we acquire along the life,i m from those ones who speak a little,However i write a lot 🙂 ,any way no one could blame someone of being quiet,it’s just a life style,and i still believe that those wise people ,who judge others by behavior not by words,still exist.What u do is just the refection of the inside.
    Well said Karim.
    P.S. I really spend lots of time with my dog,it’s a loyal and faithful friend. 🙂

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