Constitution First “Liberty, Dignity and Social Justice”

I believe that A new constitution prior to the parliament elections is the right/correct/logical path to take, and this is why..

1) A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed

2) The constitution is what defines the country’s Political, Economical and social identity and a solid foundation is the only path for successful reforms. Parliament Elections without a constitution is like a building with no foundations. 

3) Bias, A new constitution prior to the parliament elections and presidential elections is the perfect timing since no direct bias exists, if after the parliament is elected, changes are done on the terms on which the members were elected, their status will be deemed void and re-electionwill be a must. Therefore this gives them direct Bias on keeping the terms as is.

4) The Famous 50 % (3omal we Fla7een) I say no to non qualified people defining the future of our country, think of the criteria on which an illiterate individual will pick the constitution committee.

5) The constitution should not be based on the majority of the elected parliament, since this majority is bound to change, which will mean constant changes on the constitution every time a parliament with a new majority is elected.

6) The Moto of the Egyptian Rev. is clear Liberty, Dignity and Social Justice, and should serve as a reflection of what the people want. Meaning that the people want more levels of freedom, dignity and social justice than what the old constitution provided.

The committee could (this is just an amateur opinion) be formed through elections in various areas with fixating a limited number of seats for representatives of the Army, Ministers’ cabinet Azhar and church,

 Let lawyers, Politicians, economists, activists, business men, journalists, engineers, doctors, labor pick their representatives (those in the field can pick who represents them) then the constitution draft will be put through a public poll article by article. Unions/ clubs / assemblies could be of much help here, this is much better than the current course of action since you will let technical people choose technical people which will mean a higher level of qualifications than what the 50% will choose.


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