Decentralise please….

I just got fed up when i heard that they are building Zewil’s city In October city!!!! Cairo suburb!!Cairo all over again.. 

The issue is not just that Cairo’s infra-structure is about to explode or (actually it has already did), nor that the city is over populated over polluted over F**** nor that Cairo doesn’t need any more media attention, what I’m debating here is that Egypt has too many dependent cities!! Cities that beg for budget allocations each financial year, these cities are searching for any opportunity, anything that could put them on the world’s map.

However Jobs are what really matter, direct /in direct jobs!! projects like that could literally boost the economy of an average sized city, I’ve lived outside Cairo, I have seen how a small thing like opening a new burger joint could be a big deal for a small city, and unlike the myth – that most “Qahrawya” have – of the Jungles and uncivilized societies that exit outside Cairo boarders, most places are really potential.

And I’m not even talking here about complex jobs; people emigrate from these cities searching for simple jobs like administrative, housekeeping, security, transportation etc which could easily be generated by a mega project like that and its supportive industries.

This could indirectly channel new purchasing powers to these cities, boost their real-estate sector, hotel business, and even if successful could on the long run upscale their infra structure put them on the world map and in their support the government would decentralize some of its services to these cities.

And on an optimistic version would put new standards for the citizens of these cities to live up to, push new blood in their veins, and eventually improve the caliber of their work force. 

It’s time to identify the competitive advantage of each city in Egypt, and for cities that lack one; projects like these could really come in handy.


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