8 Reasons I wont vote for “Islamists”

At the beginning of this post I need to clarify a couple of things, first this is not a post advocating a secular state, nor is it for those who read the headline and made their judgments before reading the content came in here to start a fight,

Second of all I need to define what I mean by an “islamists” state and the difference between it and an Islamic state and a  theocratic one.People keep repeating that Islam has never known the theocratic state the state where those in power rule in the name of god, I totally agree Islam has never known this state over its history, and an Islamic state is a state where the vast majority of it’s citizens are muslims and Islam is recognized as state’s religion and considered as a main source of legislation. however the state I’m referring to here is a state where Authority and Religion Merge, where religious ulama wear the politicians hats, and control the decision making in all aspects of a nation.

 1) When Ulama wear politicians hats, citizens lose the ability to differentiate between what’s human and what’s divine, e.g Quran is divine interpretations are human, economic and political decisions when made by the same people who represent the country’s religion (the mental image of a Sheikh is on the member giving a speech, a one way conversation with no opposition) carries a barrier to criticize since u can’t differentiate on which basis is the decisions are made, add to that that criticizing those in power is frowned upon in their interpretations of Islam, so what do u think will happen if they get in power?

“signals like that are currently being given, like the flyers being distributed @ the moment in Cairo’s metro stating that the obedience to the SCAF is a must and comes in the same rank as Obedience to God!!,

 “during the revolution when some advised  others holding a KSA flag to lower it cuz this is an Egyptian revolution! He viciously accused them of being atheists!! In which they responded that he brought the flag to an irrelevant occasion which is a human act that could be criticized, and he received a good beating and thrown out, and that was also a human act that could be critisised 😉

 2) Ualama prioritize their problems as religious, social and then everything else  “dress codes, the role of women in the society, Beda3, banning alcohol, Ikhtilat issues that u expect to come last (if mentioned) on any politician’s agenda, who u have elected to run the country economically, politically,  manage the health care and educational systems, ensures the independence of the juridical system, monitor government performance, legislate, etc etc

 3) Their loyalty to their ideology (not religion) comes first, and the belonging to their ideology is the only way into the power circle on the expense of competence which will also take the form of strategic alliances which might be in favor of their ideology and not in the best interest of the country  or might even be on the expense of the country’s interests, well friday the 29th was the best example bin laden Pix, KSA flags, no egyptian flags etc

 “If you are not from this universe, you would never expect that KSA’s Vilene is Iran and their allies include USA as a strategic one”   

 4) Economically In the last century no single country that fell under the control of Ulama ( with no Oil 😉 has developed ! Islamists have been attacking the corners of modern day economic systems without providing a complete system that they could prove successful, without the support of Oil money.

“In a political and regional context where Islamist and Ulema claim to have an opinion about everything , it is striking how little they have to say about this most central of human activities , beyond repetitious  pieties about how their model is neither capitalist nor socialist” Fred Halliday, on economics, 100 Myths about the Middle East,

 5) As we say in Egypt “Bab el Nagar Mekhala3” the carpenter’s door is a signal of his work, in their interpretation of Islam democracy is frowned upon if not prohibited, this takes us to how will they rule if they get in power if they ? In a democratic way ? Or in a new form of dictatorship.

 6 Sheikhs and Uama are not angels, they are flesh and blood like all of us they get affected by their life experiences, unfortunately some of them (if not most) fall into that trap and base their future decisions on them, a sheikh with a bad history with women, shia’s, Christians, Jews another country etc will recall that experience when giving his decision and will affect it as any other politician, however when you add to that the religious coating ( with its Criticizing barrier as I like to call it) this makes the  type of a binding decision that takes a country down the drain, take for example those who have serious issues with Sufis in egypt? or even the Pepsi means pay every penny save israeil campagne? 😀   

 7) Egypt is not a tribe of a 10 people ! It’s a country with a population of 80 millions, the enforcement of standardization, traditions in the name of religion, a way of life, dress codes and an ideology will only create a society of followers, hypocrites or cowards the same way the last 50+ years of socialism and dictatorship created a risk averse non creative society.

“All in all you are just another brick in the wall”

 Finally I just don’t want this generation (well me to be precise :))  miss the chance to live freely, As the wheel of life will turn and sooner or later a generation of rebels will come and fight for their freedom and will eventually succeed, however by then these guys will take it to the max and religion will take the fall for it just like communism did, who said history will teach us nothing do KSA, Iran, lebanon, sudan, afghanistan, algeria ring a bell.

2 Responses to “8 Reasons I wont vote for “Islamists””
  1. Maie Yazgi says:

    Thumbs up…well said ya Zughby w rabena yostor 3al balad bgd!

  2. Laura says:

    Hats off Zughby! If only this was translated and distributed or explained to the majority of voters who are bound to choose the islamist direction because we, the non-islamists do not go down the streets to speak to those people.

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