Arab’s Windmills

 The idea of portraying the west as the sole-enemy of Arabs requires alot of questioning and analysis, the easiest way to destroy the credibility of any politician, decision maker, business man or any celeb in the Arab world is just prove any ties between him/her and the western world! although on an official level the Armies (Guardians) of the Arab world constantly receive aid and weaponry from the west!!

It’s is not about who is with or against the west, the west has it’s civilization, in detail you would find their ups and downs you might agree with some aspects of their life and disagree with others, however what concern the masses is the the aggregate/consolidated result they reached, a developed world.

Some think of Arabs as a burden on humanity, We as Arabs (if you count Egyptians in, though i disagree with that, u know the idea that we have been there for 7000 years they are new and all 😉 ) have been living on their crumbs as parasites for more than a century!

I do believe what the eastern community has against the western one is envy!   They invent, work, progress, live better, and have fun with fewer traditions, boundaries and rules! We on the other hand have compilations of boundaries from traditions that is currently mistaken for religion, live on their inventions, learn their sciences, even those who succeed from our end does that on their support, our only efforts  are channeled to finding oil here or there and then create more windmills to declare war on.

It’s very well known that after the fall of the soviet union, Earth transformed from a bi-polar world to a uni-polar one, you could clearly see the resemblance of what happened with a monopoly in any commodity market where a monopolist tends to create market entry barriers to prevent competition. The western war on communism, Jews etc and this is exactly what is happening with Arabs now.

It’s not a matter of a western war on Islam or traditions or etc, this is just a cover, The Arab world with all its resources and idle powers if efficiently utilized would transform the Arabs in to a world power, and the world back to a Bi polar one, which is threatening to the western world’s economical dominance.

The Arab world’s true and only enemies are illiteracy, poverty and corruption any attempt to deal with any other enemy is just another wild goose chase. it’s now or never as I don’t think we can afford another “Don Quixote”  generation fighting windmills.

3 Responses to “Arab’s Windmills”
  1. “The Arab world’s true and only enemies are illiteracy, poverty and corruption any attempt to deal with any other enemy is just another wild goose chase. it’s now or never as I don’t think we can afford another “Don Quixote” generation fighting windmills.”


  2. mohamed says:

    wow , you have a blog ?!
    anyway , it’s not about portraying the west as a sole enemy , it is more of the NATO as the enemy , america and its puppets (UK for example ) are the enemy while alot of western coutries are considered neutral (if not allies) . Hell , even some US puppets are considered friends and liked amongst the general populace such as italy and spain !, and no it’s not about envy ! , if so we should’ve hated countries like china , japan and brazil !
    it is all about an ongoing history , hmm , maybe geography is the more precise , you see , to our eastern border lies a cancerous state , totally supported by the US , killing civilians on a daily basis , refusing to respect any internationa treaty , and even still controlling egyptian occupied soil (Om el reshrash village , commonly known now as Eilat ) . far more to the east you’ll find the Saudi kingdom , a country controlled by a corporation called Aramco , moving a little east you’ll find IRAQ , a country tourn apart , infected with violence , crime and all of this because of the USA !
    it is not a going on trend here in the middle east to hate america , it is more of global status , look at latin america and what the CIA has done in its countries (take panama and general Omar Torrijos for example) , look at how many democraticly ellected regimes the US has destroyed only to install a more (friendly) dictator instead !
    and yet why look far away from home , the united states supported the Mubarak regime against all , through all the bogus elections , the unjust trials and the unjustified use of violence america was there supporting and giving weapons !
    the US doesn’t want democracy in the arab world because they can’t stand to have an independant regime (not even an anti US regime) and it is working hard now adays to prevent it , the generals of the SCAF are supported by the pentagon and the US embacy in cairo , and if all of what i just mentioned doesn’t qualify to make the US as a global enemy , i really don’t know what can !?

    on another notice , an arab is a person who speaks Arabic and/or a descendant from the prophet Ismail , don’t reject being an arab just because some arabs are idiotic jerks (mainly gulf countries) ,the prophet muhammad (peace be upon him) was an arab, and egyptians are arabs , or to be more precise , arabs are egyptians , because the prophet ismail (peace be upon him)i s half egyptian 🙂

  3. elzughby says:

    Ok here we go, we are speaking the same language, it’s a war of intrest and dominance not a war on tradition or religion as aportrayed by some,
    The essence here is to know what we re fighting against or fighting for, for decades we portrayed our cause as religious one (palestine the opium of tha arab masses as i would like to call it) although we all support the cause that’s the case, the way the palestinian cause was portrayed (religious) made most fight windmills, for decades! the more they emphasised the religious part the more they turned the community more and more conservative (AKA protecting ones religion and tradition from crusadors) created more extreemists world wide and giving more and more reasons to envade and the rest is history..

    Again neutralizing strong democratic governments supports my theory of fighting the formation of a BI polar world, a strong friendly dictator is a friend / ally supporting the Uni -Polar world in which the west has the world by the balls…
    I still support my envy theory on “The Culture Shock basis”, what amazes youth is the amount of freedom they have and this is what youth loan for fewer boundaries rules etc.. in which here it was always portrayed that dropping traditions means chaos, in which they see there the amount of freedom they loan for and see the chaos when they come back !!

    Again for china and the far east in general they dont have the freedom youth loan for, they have the same compilations of tradition and local religions and they made peace with them, economy helping and all so no matter how developed they are they dont have what we are missing, latin america is like chinease algebra for arabs the public only knows latin america through football, other than that and rambo movies, on a caltural economical level maybee maybee they know a lil bit like colombia and drugs cuba for cigars brazil for coffee and latin girls 😉

    Aas for the arabs part well i ll save my comments to my self, im a lil racist when it comes to that part 🙂 🙂

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