But He-WEN ?

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”.

Winston Churchill

For me to define an average voter I would say the voter who has satisfied at least his minimum physiological needs from food, shelter, clothing, sex etc. factors that would guarantee a certain degree of independence in decision making so the First thing that comes in my mind whenever I remember that is “What if you don’t have the luxury of an average voter!! Now that would definitely scare the hell out of you.

This is not an aristocratic/imperialistic view here but rather some facts, thanks to 60 years of military rule we have a population with very high illiteracy rates, screwed up health care systems, housing and transportation systems and enormous amount of Red tape and bureaucracy in everyday life that feeds and nourishes the street smart culture, that of course with my all-time favorite the middle class genocide due to screwed up economic systems. All of those reasons made that majority dependent on Business men, men in power, religious groups etc to satisfy their basic needs – On a day by day basis in a way that ensures continuous independency, complete submission and loyalty.

So our nation whose majority is dependent on a minority is now in control of its destiny and now is our opportunity to apply the long sought democracy. Or not!?

An Increasing number of people are now using The famous Omar Suliman “Everybody believes in democracy But He-Wen” quote as a cunning way to avoid answering the don’t you believe in democracy question: Yes we believe in democracy but after all the illiterate people are literate or vanish, all Islamists are either in jail or underground .. That aint gonna happen any time soon or to put it in better words (NOT IN YOUR WILDEST DREAMS WOULD THAT EVER HAPPEN)

Well people it’s a black or white question there are no grey areas here, it’s either you believe in it or not!  The choice is clear whether to go back to square one and rebel against democracy support the army and past regime and …… wait a minute we have tried that already, We all remember how that went you know the 60 years military rule and all … Naa

The second choice is to stand our grounds and believe that democracy has the ability to correctify itself .The answer is never platonic as one would think , as with the rise of Islamists – that is threatening and frustrating the liberal/secular minority who fear that we might slip into the dark ages  – we are choosing between two evils choosing the second option wouldn’t mean necessarily that you would live to see it, you might spend your whole life under a government fighting windmills, wasting the countries resources going into alliances based on ideology not mutual interest add to that civil liberties will be brutally raped (Little bit exaggerating here 😀 just to spice things up ) and most important of all you will be  facing a rulling power who only believes in democracy when it serves its own interests and might rebel on it once they feel they are losing grounds.

But if you come to think of it this is exactly how nations develop overcoming dictatorship, overcoming military rule overcoming theocracy earning civil liberties etc …the harder they come the harder they fall the other way around is just a wrong short cut.

Tough choice to make people but I think I am willing to take my chances  …

“It has been said that democracy is the worst form of government except all the others that have been tried”

Winston Churchill


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