Hash in a Hash smoking conservative country ..

Drug freedom comes on the top of our Moral and religious taboos, a topic that can’t even be debated in public and kept firmly behind closed doors, well it’s so frowned upon that there are no accurate statistics of Hash trafficking and Hash users in Egypt ..  So when do u think the government will announce … Continue reading

كلمتين واقفين في زوري – حبه تحرش

تمثل نظرية المصاصة للبعض قمة الفلسفة في تفسير ظاهرة التحرش، نظرية ناتجة عن سنين من الأبحاث في علم الاجتماع و الأنثروبولوجي و البيولوجي و السيكولوجي و كل الأولوجيز متحدة، و هذا بالاضافة لتبني الحزب الحاكم هذه.النظرية، بلاش متبني دي عشان محدش يزعل نقول على هواه … (في تصريحات و بتاع بس مش مكانه هنا ) نبتدي بينا … Continue reading

Morsi’s Typhoon – A first Impression

I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMMING !! Way to goooo dude .. (Morsi being the dude) Well those are the correct words to describe how I felt when i first heard of Morsi’s SCAF massacre, Tantawy &  Anan in the exact same day! The two people who sat on Egypt’s throne for the last 19 Months !  Cant … Continue reading

Breaking out of the Cocoon

  Being born  in a closed cohesive community might sound like a good idea, what could be better than being among those who share the same beliefs, traditions and values, where how to be good citizen and good human being is very well defined and structured. Well, “Systemized” is the word. In a a systemized community career paths and professions are passed on … Continue reading

Religion .. The New Cash Cow Business

The use of Religion to generate profits is one of the oldest tricks in the book, what’s new now a days is that religion is becoming one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in developing countries and the amount of people living off religion is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The range of products, from the intangibles like … Continue reading