Breaking out of the Cocoon


Being born  in a closed cohesive community might sound like a good idea, what could be better than being among those who share the same beliefs, traditions and values, where how to be good citizen and good human being is very well defined and structured. Well, “Systemized” is the word.

In a a systemized community career paths and professions are passed on from generation to generation under the notion of “It’s the family business and this is what we do”, traditions and teachings go way back that you can’t trace their origins, a community with a dress code, cuisine and sometimes even a hair do and as a byproduct the community establishes a defense system to protect its survival and prosperity AKA cohesiveness.

The community evolves by time as well as all its supplements AKA defense system, traditions, beliefs you could relate that to exposure, adaptability, scientific discoveries leadership etc.

The acceleration of Community’s evolution varies throughout its life until it reaches a point in time where  the community stops evolving or you could say slows down, but slowing down is a decision, it’s not in the natural order of things it’s a decision taken by those who control the community supported by public opinion at a certain point in time, where they think/believe/agree on that there is no more room for development i.e this how far we “will go”…… Not “can go” ..
And when the community chooses to stop, all eyes go to the defense system; to protect and retain the status quo.

The defense system keeps evolving outpacing the community and starts to consider all those who are different than the norm a threat to the existence of the community and starts acting as a punishment tool for that threat.

The defense system starts to enforce more controls, more regulations and starts to adopt tighter and more conservative interpretations of the definition of the word “Different” by time and with tighter controls more and more people are considered different. At this point resistance rises

And with rising resistance the defense system starts protecting itself to ensure its own survival … before you know it the defense system that once was created to protect the community loses its main purpose of existence .. and adopts a new one. Ensuring it’s own survival even if it’s on the expense of the community it self .. And the rest is history

Well if the above is your case, Whether you are different or a part of the system, whether you are a part of the defense system or a part of the threat, whether you are still in community formulation stage or the defense system development phase here are some questions for you to answer..

When was the last time you questioned the community’s definition of a good citizen?

What is your community’s definition of the word “different”? and do u adopt it?
When was the last time you questioned some of your traditions -the traditions that have been passed on to you? Do u willingly not question them or are you afraid of what you might find or scared of the idea of being a social outcast..

Are u forced to adopt a Hippocratic way of living just to avoid confrontation
Do you believe that there is always room for development?

What is the main purpose of your community’s defense system at this point of time? And how much resistance are you allowed to do?

Well I am not here to judge…

“Civilization is the progress towards a society of privacy; civilization is the process of setting man free from men” A Rand.


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