Religion .. The New Cash Cow Business

The use of Religion to generate profits is one of the oldest tricks in the book, what’s new now a days is that religion is becoming one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in developing countries and the amount of people living off religion is getting bigger and bigger everyday.

The range of products, from the intangibles like answers to the unknown, directions to guaranteed paths to heaven, salvation, healing services to the tangibles: accessories, CDs, jewelry, religious scriptures  and what is new in the range of  products is average consumer – every day products-  with a religious coating   like the famous religious Washing Machine an ad that has been airing on one of religious channels all that in addition to some mambo jumbo tricks of the trait – all in the name of God- come with a price now a days and BIG profit margins…

Ohh Religious Media …
Locally religious TV channels have expanded rapidly during the past decade, can’t disagree with that as a person who believes in free market mechanisms, where there is supply there will be demand but this doesn’t prevent anybody from analyzing the case.

So how do religious channels generate profits? The answer is quite simple; like any other TV channel, Ads, newly introduced SMS services and call ins that in addition of course from donations from believers of the cause both the wealthy and the poor of them and you could easily figure out the target segment of the channel by examining the quality of Ads it airs, ill leave the conclusion to you…

Indirectly religious coating will get you the investments you need from the wealthy Arabs, a beard and some religious clothing a – short white Galabya might do the trick – could definitely put trust in your business for all who believe in the purity of religion, adding the word “Shariaa’ compliant” not just to banking products, but to cafe’s, schools etc has become widely used .. even on irrelevant topics.

Has this business made some people filthy rich? HELL YEAH .. what’s controversial is that preachers are trying so hard to justify their wealth to the public and you could catch them every once in a while promoting the idea that Religious Ulama should be from the top  earners and their natural positioning is to be placed on top of the social pyramid, you could hear Ulama comparing themselves to football players, actors, singers from an income level prospective and some took it to the next level like Abd El Men3em el sha7at – a famous fundamentalist religious clerk – did on an interview on Al Jazeera, I’m quoting him saying “Are you comparing a Phd in political science to a Degree in Shariaa?!!”.

Is it ethical or not? Agreed on or frowned upon? It’s a big grey area, especially that there are really alot of devoted individuals who are in it for the good of it, for spreading ethics and religious preaching’s and some are doing an amazing Job and it’s impossible to separate the good from the bad from the UGLY!! U could never dig into people’s intentions and even if you do you won’t have any solid proof..But what is important is that the answer to that question is highly irrelevant to the fact that organized religion as a business turned into a Cash cow and the majority are taking turns now adays milking it.

I don’t have an answer to this phenomenon – if you consider it as one – but what I stand for is that all businesses affiliated to religion should be treated the same as any other business, no tax  exemptions, and no exceptions and follow the same consumer protection laws, and maybe someday literacy will prevail and the more sophisticated the demand will get the better the supply of the religious products will be.


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