Morsi’s Typhoon – A first Impression

I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMMING !! Way to goooo dude .. (Morsi being the dude)

Well those are the correct words to describe how I felt when i first heard of Morsi’s SCAF massacre, Tantawy &  Anan in the exact same day! The two people who sat on Egypt’s throne for the last 19 Months !
 Cant deny the fact the getting rid of the military rule  was reliving/satisfying – for me personally I held them responsible of what has happened to Egypt for the last 60 years, for me SCAF was Just the symbol for the Military rule .. And down went the symbol … BUT !
Well all scenarios pointed out that we will be seeing a lot of them the next couple of years – and especially Anan – and that we were between a Pakistani model or a Turkish model or a mixture of both in which both the military  and Islamists played the major roles … Well now that SCAF is gone .. (ok nothing rhymed here :D) and since all the assumptions and scenarios formulated by the experienced activists, politicians turned out to be bullshit !! since no one knows what’s is really happening or what will happen you could say that this is the best timing  for amateurs  like us to look into our crystal balls ..

You definitely got the “wow ! they went down far too easy” feeling well they did ! Was it a soft coup ?was it a deal? Was this the safe exit deal? Did Tantawy and Anan bail out on everybody to save themselves!! Was it a mixture of all!
I’m an anti conspiracy guy, I believe conspiracies exist of course but they are my last resort ! When nothing else really makes sense.. so here is how I see it .. 

1 – What I really believe in is that SCAF were more of “incompetent” rather than “conspirators” they sucked! They didn’t know what to do most of the time! Were too weak and afraid of people who represented real change cause they threatened their interests and their existence so they leaned more to the people they already knew, the MB !! And they submitted most of the time to MB’s will to avoid confrontation with them and in the same time ensure real change won’t take place!! Which of course most of the time that didn’t align with what the Rev was all about… MB got greedyand SCAF  got some balls when they found people turning to them out of fear from Islamists rising, people who were willing to sacrifice real change just to get rid of Islamists and tried to capitalize on that, they  tried to portray themselves as the defender of Civil rights although they were the ones who established the military system running the country now !! And they failed…. and Morsi won the elections.. Fair and square/ under pressure mambo jumbo that doesn’t matter…

2 – With SCAF being all weak and clueless Rafa7’s incident represented the perfect opportunity for Morsi to get rid of all Miltary opposition  (Refer back to the list of heads that were cut off) and he seized the opportunity, Very well indeed ..

3 – But the main question is, What’s next? Like was this move Morsi fulfilling his promises to those who voted for him against Shafeeq or an MB move to take control of all entities …  e.g. the choices of editors in chief of the governmental newspapers aren’t   that promising…

4-“El Seesy” some praised the choice but I never heard of the guy so I can’t Judge it ,, but when I saw a video of Tawfee2 3okashaa talking about the guy sometime ago naming him MB’s Inside man .. U all know where 3okasha gets his inside info .. u do the math

5- What’s next is a mystery, but what I can say is with SCAF out of the way most of revolutionaries’  efforts that was wasted on SCAF now will be channeled to focus more on what are the people – now running the country- doing !! Well MB to be precise … and since there is no SCAF no one can accuse you of supporting the military rule or being a SCAF supporter.. We are just back to the plain old list of accusations.. You know which… The one which always start with “YOU ARE INFIDLES”

 Let the fun begin…

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  1. nice going the Kimooz

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