Hash in a Hash smoking conservative country ..

Drug freedom comes on the top of our Moral and religious taboos, a topic that can’t even be debated in public and kept firmly behind closed doors, well it’s so frowned upon that there are no accurate statistics of Hash trafficking and Hash users in Egypt ..  So when do u think the government will announce the actual outcome of it’s war on Drugs? Like how much money has been spent on the war? How much money is allocated or budgeted to the war? How much money was spent on people jailed for possession and use of Hash? But what’s more important is has it reduced the supply of hash? Has the war reduced the demand on Hash? Or has it just made it a multi billion pound underground industry and a couple of pix of some Narcotics officers standing on a pile of confiscated Hash every once in a while … u know those used for media purposes and budget allocations..

 The number of hash users In Egypt is not known accurately however some  estimates say 8 millions others 6 however all estimates state that we are in the millions category and it’s a billion EGP underground industry,

 However since we are in the dawn of change and we are in desperate need for efficient budget allocations. many policies needs to be revisited,

So let’s cut to the chase what are our policy options ? Drug policies are between prohibition which is our case, decriminalization and legalization

 Let’s start by Prohibition,

 With any prohibition policy comes its black market, and the success of a prohibition policy depends on the ability of the enforcer (policy maker) to deal with the black market which in our case is a billion Egp industry one big enough to infiltrate governmental institutes aka dirty cops, buys off judges an underground industry requires an infra structure of producers and dealers and since its an illegal industry just try to imagine the caliber of street dealers whom are getting richer of this industry, 

 The best argument all drug freedom policies’ advocates use is the famous US  attempt to prohibit alcohol in the 1920s  and how that turned out to be a catastrophe. For those who don’t know the full story it was a golden opportunity for organized crime to get wealthier and stronger over illegal booz market  – they seized it very well – which turned out to be an in elastic market. Does the name Al-Capone ring a bell?

 Here I have to note again that I do believe that this topic shouldn’t be discussed on Moral Grounds – and in a conservative country u will definitely lose the moral debate, and it wouldn’t get us any where, it should be taken down to an apple to apple argument.

Here u have to weight the social impact of  using a soft drug like hash vs the amounts of dirty cops, judges on drug cartels’ payroll along with an army of street dealers conquering our streets, the infra structure it built that facilitates the trafficking of harder drugs  and of course the amount of money allocated every year to enforce that drug fighting policy.

 On Hash it self, u have to figure out what gave it the bad reputation, is it its medical effects? Or is it the group of people who traffic it and the idea that it’s Just illegal?   I’m not a doctor to Medically illustrate the effects of  hash, but uptill now all medical reports state that Hash comes low on the drugs ranking reports, after nicotine, alcohol and CAFFEINE!!! And the benefits that could be derived from the Drug is endless .. And it’s not a gateway drug -in it’s chemical combination I mean – well too much medical info here so ill leave it to the pros (I have a couple of videos where some pros illustrate more on the topic however i prefer u do your own research) u could even refer to the Egyptian anti narcotics general administration website and go for thhe effects of Hash (under Nabat el Qnb), 
Since it’s illegal drug there is no control on the drug itself, as in THC http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tetrahydrocannabinol levels and some sell fake hash which in both cases most most of the  harm comes from ..  

 So what about decriminalization ….

 Well for a starter I was an advocate of the decriminalization policy, until I dug deeper in the topic.

Well decriminalization means it’s legal – and by legal it means u don’t go to prison for it but u might do some community service though, yeah we don’t have that here 😀 too – for possession up to a certain amount. Sounds  good so far .. But it’s illegal to grow and traffic it.. Which makes no sense at all .. Like if it’s legal to possess and illegal to traffic where will it come from? back to the square one,


Let’s start by What does legalization mean,  Legalization means that the government will regulate it, control it and tax it. “It” refers to : growing, trafficking, possession and use.

 This means that the budgets allocated to fighting Hash (direct/indirect) will be re-allocated to fight harder drugs (with proven medical effects) or re channeled to health care division or fighting targeting youth.

By regulating it this will Cut  Hash profit margins – by eliminating the risk factor –  people won’t be getting filthy rich quickly – which is why most people drop out of schools, universities, and work to get into.

Taxing it, generating sufficient money to finance health care, schools, roads infra structure, fighting harder drugs etc etc ..

Making it legal just unplugs the whole dirty cops, judges, politicians on payroll system.
HOWEVER  the the administration, regulation and – most importantly – control is so complex  that it makes it impossible specially  in a country with failed administration like ours.

Well, it’s not a new topic and I believe that most people who have took some basic Social Sciences classes or just like to think have already thought of it, and my amateur conclusion is that it’s a topic that should be taken down from the taboo level and openly debated.

Makes u wonder why isn’t it at least openly debated? Is it just a moral taboo? Or is there someone hiding behind the moral taboo…some one or some corporate industry .. Well that’s a whole different topic ..

3 Responses to “Hash in a Hash smoking conservative country ..”
  1. Alia Elkilany says:

    good point of discussion (Y)

  2. Youssef says:

    I like what you’re saying man.. but as u said, religios taboo = non-debatable , especially under the current regime.
    Besides.. the damage of trying and failing in a country like this (which is most likely) is enormous & irreparable!! so.. probably best thing to do is: Nothing! Hands off!

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