I can’t really express my mixed feelings when 27-11-2012 protests started,  living abroad I felt left out, I was very anxious yet depressed that there was nothing I could do to be a part of it except to open all live stream news websites, TV news channels, social media websites and sometimes raising the volume of whatever the … Continue reading

The Safest Choice..

Life is never black or white, it’s never our way or the high way, there isn’t a prescribed answer model to all of our questions and accordingly we have to make most of life’s decisions ourselves.. That big grey area is where human personalities dominate, your moral basis could be organized religion, universal ethics or … Continue reading

Live happily ever after ..

Think of your childhood best friend(s), Think of your first real love, think of that special someone that passed away .. think of the feelings you had for each and every one of them, think of the moments you thought you were inseparable, think of every time you thought of the phrase “I can’t live without them, him or her” .. … Continue reading

“Religious Fundamentalism” is now in relationship with “The West”

I think if  it’s a Facebook relationship status I would have to go for : complicated, for the naked eye it would seem like Islamists are the west’s mortal enemy and their rise post the Arab Spring is their worst nightmare .. BUT ! is it really so ? though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories however can’t deny … Continue reading