“Religious Fundamentalism” is now in relationship with “The West”

I think if  it’s a Facebook relationship status I would have to go for : complicated, for the naked eye it would seem like Islamists are the west’s mortal enemy and their rise post the Arab Spring is their worst nightmare .. BUT ! is it really so ? though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories however can’t deny that what we see from world politics now a days is just the tip of the ice berg .. however instead of Ice there is a big pile of Sh** ..

So without further babbling let’s dig a little deeper..and please note that by “The West” I’m referring to Governments, political leaders, policy makers, Sons of #$%* who are running the show .. not ordinary people who just happen to be born in that country or another..

Reverse immigration – A Golden opportunity

One of the main topics in most western headlines now is the immigration policies, and many are pressuring their governments to force tighter immigration policies to protect their cultures, multiculturalism, liberal policies, secularism etc etc So how does the rise of religious fundamentalism solve that? Or to be more accurate help in solving that most fundamentalists (not to be confused with Arabs nor Muslims the normal average ones who constitutes the majority by the way) immigrated from their home countries due to oppression inflicted by the ruling military regimes and monarchs, Immigrant religious fundamentalism NOW (as they finished their Job) are causing a big headache to western countries and the public is starting to consider them as a Trojan horse in the same time they can’t take defensive measures nor deport them protecting their alleged liberal/freedom of speech image and deporting people to their home countries meant imprisonment and torture in the eyes of the public and the international community, it’s not the case under a fundamentalist rule since some would reverse immigrate themselves to take part in the transformation (The passion of being a part of it and to make sure to keep it that way – or some may even consider it Jehad in the face of the liberal and secular powers) while others would face rising pressure (Live by our rules or go home, isn’t home now what you have always dreamed it to be) and even in the case of deporting them, No imprisonment or torture awaits them in their home countries. Makes it easier in public eyes..

Anti Terrorism Budgets – A cash cow

What’s the best way to gain public consent on allocating budgets to war, weapon manufacturing, tightening home land security and violating some personal freedoms than showing a couple of pictures of bearded angry mobs burning an embassy here or shooting someone there.

Iran – The West’s Dirty Work

Suddenly Iran became our mortal enemy, don’t know when did that happen or how, but if u take a step backwards you will see clearly that it’s not our issue at all, a conflict between USA and Iran, KSA as a US strategic ally stepped in and managed to transform the US, Iranian conflict into a Global Sunni Shi3a conflict, and as a logical sequence the Egyptian Wahabi/Salafi beacons started doing their business in Egypt and Before u knew it people who don’t even know where Iran is on the map started the war on Shi3a (Still an In-house war) .. People now going to Syria not to support the Syrian people against dictatorship but as a part of Jehad against the Shi3a ..Doesn’t the overrating of Morsi’s speech in Iran ring any bell?     

Distorted Priorities – the road to “dependence”

It’s very well know how fundamentalists -From any religion- prioritize their political agendas,  u will find topics like Women rights Segregation of genders, dress code, religious freedom, religious educatiopn, marriage age etc coming on top on the expense of topics like  education, health, economy, scientific research etc ….  So with less focus on those topics puts us on the road to be dependent state (KSA Style)I.e Increasing Importing outsourcing science, technology, ideas etc .. Put made in KSA’s Vs Made in turkey u will get a clue of what I’m saying .

Well the west / Fundamentalist relationship has more to it than meets the eye, maybe it’s exactly what western politicians need to maintain a Uni-Polar world .. Maybe not .. But what I can assume is that none of that is in our favor .. Us Egyptians


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