Live happily ever after ..

Think of your childhood best friend(s), Think of your first real love, think of that special someone that passed away .. think of the feelings you had for each and every one of them, think of the moments you thought you were inseparable, think of every time you thought of the phrase “I can’t live without them, him or her” ..
Now snap out of it, think of how many of those best friends you have till now, think of how many best friends you have made since then, think of how you can now see your first true love with his/her significant other with a big smile on your face and all you have in your heart  is warm memories and just move along, think of those moments u remember that special someone and you just smile and repeat the phrase may he rest in peace, take some time and remember all of those that were at one point in time the center of your life how they moved on with their lives ..   
Life might be better with some people than with others, some people might leave a bigger finger print in our lives than others .. but life doesn’t stop for anyone ..As hard as this may sound, u shouldn’t make a big deal when losing some people or gaining some new people, It has nothing to do with being cold hearted on the contrary it’s just that the easier you let go the better memories you will have of them in the future.. and good memories keep life easy, the bad ones only hold you back … ..
Really life moves on, and you get to pick what to carry with you for that journey and the lighter you travel the easier it becomes
That’s one of  life’s secrets .. Just forget the names and keep the good memories

2 Responses to “Live happily ever after ..”
  1. Alia Elkilany says:

    mafeeesh ay tag leya wla 7aga f el post dh???

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