The Safest Choice..

think for yourselfLife is never black or white, it’s never our way or the high way, there isn’t a prescribed answer model to all of our questions and accordingly we have to make most of life’s decisions ourselves..
That big grey area is where human personalities dominate, your moral basis could be organized religion, universal ethics or others all of which have liberal And orthodox approaches..
Under the rule of dictatorships, the spread of poverty and illiteracy people may lean more towards the risk averse approach of things, where people tend to outsource the decision making process to avoid the responsibility associated with it by seeking those who claim to know the certain to make their decisions for them narrowing down the decision making  pool into a handful, where the influence of logic retreats in the face of spirituality and the fear of being socially outcast-ed or losing the benefits of being part of a group forces you to confine to the general mood, go main Stream, whether liberal or in our risk averse case orthodox.

In all of the moral basis sources you will find topics like music, women, dress codes, blasphemy etc controversial some of those sources have provided clear cut decisions on some of those topics others have not however by the end of the day most of the questions remain unanswered.

Here the handful of decision makers tend to go for the safest choice, the conservative route to avoid any risks associated aka is this good or bad? Is that right or wrong? The answer will always be: Let find a way to just not do it..
It doesn’t matter whether they do that to maintain the false power / authority they have over the masses, out of ignorance or just out of their risk averse nature, the accumulation of orthodox decisions over time makes the people forget that there was a decision taken in the first place and just take what’s being passed on for granted, and eventually leaves them stuck with the most conservative of interpretations with a criticism barrier whether divine, legislative or just social.

Its weird that with all the sources of information we still have most people resorting to middlemen to interpret the data available, letting them monopolize the decision making process, meanwhile limiting their own role in the society to a “follower” .
The only way to break free is by the people taking matters into their own hands, eliminating or minimizing the role of middle men and seeking knowledge and answers first hand, where the subject matter experts’ role is a consultancy one, expanding the decision making pool and enriching diversity.

The safest choice is not always the right choice..Cause before you know we will find ourselves just some bricks in a wall, Sheep in a herd, interchangeable parts of ford’s earlier ford models, Some ….  clear enough 😀


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