I can’t really express my mixed feelings when 27-11-2012 protests started,  living abroad I felt left out, I was very anxious yet depressed that there was nothing I could do to be a part of it except to open all live stream news websites, TV news channels, social media websites and sometimes raising the volume of whatever the protests were saying and chant along … alone.. Like most Egyptians living abroad I can’t deny that I was also too worried that this might be the spark of a civil war or any civil clashes .. but thank god up till now the civil clashes are minimal…

What I really believe is that yesterday was historic, I’m not exaggerating here, yes we have seen that amount of protestors before whether in 28th Jan or in Islamists protests, but that was different.. and this is why.. 

1) This is one of those very few moments in history when the people rise up against a wanna be theocracy, without religion taking the fall for it, in a country with this amount of poverty and illiteracy it’s amazing how the masses themselves separated those in power, their political decisions and actions from their religious coating, Not one single chant I have heard or banner I saw that mentioned religion in any negative way .. that separation is maturity something I almost lost hope that we will ever reach…

2) No one could have canceled yesterdays protests, no leadership, no busses, no complex logistics, no deep pocket financing, people moved themselves, different parties, different age groups, different religious groups, different genders and eventually they all synced with no leadership whatsoever and u can’t tell who is who.. the kind of mix we would have hoped to see in the constitution assembly..      

3) It made a clear statement that Egypt is not a unipolar country, exclusion will never work and any attempt to form a new autocracy or dictatorship is doomed to fail.
4) Thank god civil clashes were minimal and I hope it continues that way, and MB canceling their scheduled protests – Whether to avoid clashes or as we heard to defend their offices –   helped in one way or another. 

It’s safe to say that we have matured in the past two years, and that really brought hope.

What’s next is really vague Morsi and The MB are still holding their grounds, they are betting that next Friday the pro-Morsi protests would out number this one, which I think if they choose to go this way will be igniting real civil clashes, it’s a closed loop …The only way out of this is to Play politics .. real politics


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