Food, Shelter and Inspiration

It went a little something like this “U wont find inspiration here! if it’s really that important to you then this is not the place for you”
A friend told me  that when i moved here,  i strongly disagreed, based on my theory, I thought that living in an Multi-cultural organized, structured clean etc city would free more brain capacity and leave more room to admire and enjoy the small things in life..Well I was wrong.

hmmmjpgBack home i don’t think i had an issue with that, you will get inspired if you want to, But here something manages to turn  “materialistic” you on .. and when materialism dominates Shit happens, I don’t know whether if it’s because every thing has a price tag  or just the idea that the only thing that legally and physically links you to the place is your JOB. and in my case not an inspiring one.. but it just happens.

I Haven’t felt so strongly about the necessity of inspiration except when i moved to a place that lacks it,You don’t have to be an artist or in the Creative business to know how important it is, inspiration just keeps you alive, a source for dreams, ideas, passion, hope, ambition..inspiration is just food for the soul.

Normally you don’t search for a source of inspiration – that’s why they call it inspiration Dah !!! -but i refused to give in without a fight – And i ONLY fight for the things that really matter -So In my quest to find inspiration here, i started short listing the things that used to inspire me the most, places came on the list, sometimes sunset, the animal world, and others but what i realized was that what inspired me the most were always the Free Spirits. Failing to be one myself (Yet!) i always considered them as the true and only free people and are humanity’s next evolutionary step.

Back home i always had one as a “Muse” and sometimes more than one. (Source of inspiration or in Greek methodology the goddess of inspiration) Even though most of the time they didn’t know their real roles in my life or how  important they were to me more and above the normal friendships, they gave me inspiration as if it was their only Role/task.
The problem is Materialism here is a disease, that spreads faster than than flu and free spirits don’t function in a materialistic world, they either flee or eventually surrender to their materialistic self. so there aren’t as many as u may think over here.

15471-SpiritHowever every now and then you bump into one, so now i make the most of those small encounters and luckily they never leave me dry.
And the more free they are the more sophisticated the inspiration is ….

P.S i used the word inspiration and it’s derivatives more than 20 times in this post … for good luck


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