Nordic Saga – The land of Fire and ICE

A year later, I’m homesick to a country that is not my own, little did I know boarding my flight that I’ll be in for a spiritual journey  something I did not sign up for, yet a short brief trip served as pilgrimage for the soul  without the holy places and the shrines.

It could have been the color pallets, the rhythm of wind & waterfalls over volcanic rocky mountains, landscapes that go as far as your eyes can see, utter silence & pitch black darkness in caves 30 meters below, blue light rays slipping from moon holes in ice caves, or dipping in and emerging from hot lagoons; the closest you can get to experiencing reincarnation.

It could have been the mix of friendliness and curiosity of the people which served as the perfect equation for warmth, I’m no anthropologist yet the fusion of Fire & Ice is apparent in the Icelandic character, a modern advanced society  with viking ancestry.

The Journey unlocked thought potential, fed the heart, and served as pilgrimage for the soul, a tricky path that led solely to nomadic salvation.

Skál! Iceland 




Feed Your Soul I


Don’t Follow


Nordic Nomad I


Nordic Nomad II


Down Under


Sink In I


Feed Your Soul II


Sink In II


Till We Meet Again


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