I can’t really express my mixed feelings when 27-11-2012 protests started,  living abroad I felt left out, I was very anxious yet depressed that there was nothing I could do to be a part of it except to open all live stream news websites, TV news channels, social media websites and sometimes raising the volume of whatever the … Continue reading

“Religious Fundamentalism” is now in relationship with “The West”

I think if  it’s a Facebook relationship status I would have to go for : complicated, for the naked eye it would seem like Islamists are the west’s mortal enemy and their rise post the Arab Spring is their worst nightmare .. BUT ! is it really so ? though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories however can’t deny … Continue reading

كلمتين واقفين في زوري – حبه تحرش

تمثل نظرية المصاصة للبعض قمة الفلسفة في تفسير ظاهرة التحرش، نظرية ناتجة عن سنين من الأبحاث في علم الاجتماع و الأنثروبولوجي و البيولوجي و السيكولوجي و كل الأولوجيز متحدة، و هذا بالاضافة لتبني الحزب الحاكم هذه.النظرية، بلاش متبني دي عشان محدش يزعل نقول على هواه … (في تصريحات و بتاع بس مش مكانه هنا ) نبتدي بينا … Continue reading

Morsi’s Typhoon – A first Impression

I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMMING !! Way to goooo dude .. (Morsi being the dude) Well those are the correct words to describe how I felt when i first heard of Morsi’s SCAF massacre, Tantawy &  Anan in the exact same day! The two people who sat on Egypt’s throne for the last 19 Months !  Cant … Continue reading

But He-WEN ?

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. “Winston Churchill” For me to define an average voter I would say the voter who has satisfied at least his minimum physiological needs from food, shelter, clothing, sex etc. factors that would guarantee a certain degree of independence in decision making so … Continue reading

They have Earth, we will have heaven !!

I always had some sensitivity to over painting subjects with Religion, I just freeze when I’m debating an achievement or a failure and someone pops up and refers them to the religious status of their administrators and when I pose my always controversial debate question of is religion a mean or an end, My friends … Continue reading