Chafika & Metwally – A Search For a Moral Basis

In Egyptian folklore there is a a famous Mawaal called Chafika and Metwally, which one of my friends introduced me to, it’s based on a folktale about a brother and sister from Gerga a famous village in upper Egypt where Metwally is sent to join the Army and afterwards discovers that his sister “Chafika” escapes her … Continue reading

Religion .. The New Cash Cow Business

The use of Religion to generate profits is one of the oldest tricks in the book, what’s new now a days is that religion is becoming one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in developing countries and the amount of people living off religion is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The range of products, from the intangibles like … Continue reading

Arab’s Windmills

 The idea of portraying the west as the sole-enemy of Arabs requires alot of questioning and analysis, the easiest way to destroy the credibility of any politician, decision maker, business man or any celeb in the Arab world is just prove any ties between him/her and the western world! although on an official level the Armies (Guardians) of … Continue reading

8 Reasons I wont vote for “Islamists”

At the beginning of this post I need to clarify a couple of things, first this is not a post advocating a secular state, nor is it for those who read the headline and made their judgments before reading the content came in here to start a fight, Second of all I need to define what … Continue reading

They have Earth, we will have heaven !!

I always had some sensitivity to over painting subjects with Religion, I just freeze when I’m debating an achievement or a failure and someone pops up and refers them to the religious status of their administrators and when I pose my always controversial debate question of is religion a mean or an end, My friends … Continue reading