“Religious Fundamentalism” is now in relationship with “The West”

I think if  it’s a Facebook relationship status I would have to go for : complicated, for the naked eye it would seem like Islamists are the west’s mortal enemy and their rise post the Arab Spring is their worst nightmare .. BUT ! is it really so ? though I’m not a big fan of conspiracy theories however can’t deny … Continue reading

كلمتين واقفين في زوري – حبه تحرش

تمثل نظرية المصاصة للبعض قمة الفلسفة في تفسير ظاهرة التحرش، نظرية ناتجة عن سنين من الأبحاث في علم الاجتماع و الأنثروبولوجي و البيولوجي و السيكولوجي و كل الأولوجيز متحدة، و هذا بالاضافة لتبني الحزب الحاكم هذه.النظرية، بلاش متبني دي عشان محدش يزعل نقول على هواه … (في تصريحات و بتاع بس مش مكانه هنا ) نبتدي بينا … Continue reading

Morsi’s Typhoon – A first Impression

I DIDN’T SEE THAT COMMING !! Way to goooo dude .. (Morsi being the dude) Well those are the correct words to describe how I felt when i first heard of Morsi’s SCAF massacre, Tantawy &  Anan in the exact same day! The two people who sat on Egypt’s throne for the last 19 Months !  Cant … Continue reading

Religion .. The New Cash Cow Business

The use of Religion to generate profits is one of the oldest tricks in the book, what’s new now a days is that religion is becoming one of the biggest and most profitable businesses in developing countries and the amount of people living off religion is getting bigger and bigger everyday. The range of products, from the intangibles like … Continue reading

But He-WEN ?

“The best argument against democracy is a five-minute conversation with the average voter”. “Winston Churchill” For me to define an average voter I would say the voter who has satisfied at least his minimum physiological needs from food, shelter, clothing, sex etc. factors that would guarantee a certain degree of independence in decision making so … Continue reading

Arab’s Windmills

 The idea of portraying the west as the sole-enemy of Arabs requires alot of questioning and analysis, the easiest way to destroy the credibility of any politician, decision maker, business man or any celeb in the Arab world is just prove any ties between him/her and the western world! although on an official level the Armies (Guardians) of … Continue reading

8 Reasons I wont vote for “Islamists”

At the beginning of this post I need to clarify a couple of things, first this is not a post advocating a secular state, nor is it for those who read the headline and made their judgments before reading the content came in here to start a fight, Second of all I need to define what … Continue reading

Decentralise please….

I just got fed up when i heard that they are building Zewil’s city In October city!!!! Cairo suburb!!Cairo all over again..  The issue is not just that Cairo’s infra-structure is about to explode or (actually it has already did), nor that the city is over populated over polluted over F**** nor that Cairo doesn’t need any more … Continue reading

Constitution First “Liberty, Dignity and Social Justice”

I believe that A new constitution prior to the parliament elections is the right/correct/logical path to take, and this is why.. 1) A constitution is a set of fundamental principles or established precedents according to which a state or other organization is governed 2) The constitution is what defines the country’s Political, Economical and social identity and a solid foundation is … Continue reading

I get bullied daily!!

Whenever wherever you are parking your car in Cairo streets someone pops up claiming a fee, what amazes me the most is that they are so confident in claiming that fee as if (as we say in Egypt) they have inherited that parking spot and as its been in there families for generations, and it’s … Continue reading